Plastic Bricks - compressed for sturdiness, moulded for insulation.

 Turning plastic waste into bricks.

PLASTIC – an ingenious discovery that melted into almost every fibre of our daily lives. It is man-made. It is convenient. It can be mass produced. It can take any shape…it is cheap. Most importantly, we cannot seem to do without it….as yet!

The mindless disposal of plastic wastes, which are not bio-degradable for 400+ years, threaten & choke our water bodies, wild life, air, health – the list is endless!


Here comes the directive of Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce!! IF “reduce” is an impossibility, let’s kick the other two into high gear & help save the commotion this article has caused.

Turning plastic waste into bricks is, in my belief, a superlative and a highly conducive effort to sustainability; provided its use is made mandatory for all domestic housing.

However, each household NEEDS to make a conscious & active resolve to help this process. The need of the hour is to train our minds and focus on HOW, WHEN, WHERE we dispose our plastic refuse. Let us all effectively “MANAGE” it!!




~ Malabika

March 9, 2021

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